John Grieve

tables cut into organ pipes

Tables as organ pipes

organ pipes on a plinth

100 organ pipes

three homemade instruments

Metal music

two resonating devices

Engine Room

groan tubes

Groan Tubes

cover of LP Nihil Unbound

Nihil Unbound

a sound painting

Sound painting


From wind chest to wind pipe as metaphor

cube of flourescent tubes


album cover hastings of malawi

Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth

statue dancing


saxophone cut up by angle grinder

52 saxophones

saxophone being cut up

Saxophone and angle grinder

groan tubes and marshall stacks


two tribesmen


newspaper clipping

Public art

man in gas mask and suit

Cymbal and car horn

tree wearing suspenders

I talk to the trees

cover of CD variations I

12 saxophones

banging machine

X for Henry Flynt - La Monte Young

steel pan machine

Steel pan

balloon machine

Flash gun and balloons

piano insides

Bath festival UK

CD cover variationsII

251 saxophones

saxophone and hoover

Saxophone and vacuum cleaner

man with a bin on his head

Thats Life

guitar band

Chance meeting


Second sound painting

audiograft installation

From bass pipes

pink ears

New ears

small organ pipes


smashed organ

Organ recital

2 organ pipes 2 cymbals and dustbin