↑ a steel sheet vibrated by a motor with cymbals and the insides of one and a half pianos played by pieces of tape attached to small motors - Cologne.

↑ one hundred organ pipes - Tokyo.

↑ 52 saxophones - Stockholm.

↑ slow groan tubes - Sao Paulo.

X for Henry Flynt - La Monte Young - 1960 - recorded 1983.

angle grinder and saxophone

↑ (de)composition for tenor saxophone and angle grinder - 2014

the legs of these stacked tables have been cut, hammered and welded to create organ pipes. Air is blown down the pipes from a fan inside the table tops. Each of the twelve cut legs plays a different note of the chromatic scale.

a sound painting derived from video of a fireworks display with the sound of these instruments ↓.

gas mask cymbal car horn

↑ a small cymbal was struck and then a car horn was attached to a car battery for 30 seconds, the cymbal was struck and the horn connected again - these two events were repeated until the audience left - London 1992.

↑ pieces of metal, F1 cars, jet engine and space shuttle - Houston.

angry drycleaner

Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth Papal Products 003 - 1981

Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth - Hastings of Malawi

organised sound

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