For pieces of metal, Formula 1 car engines, jet engines and the space shuttle.

Twelve saws

banging machine

An electric motor drives a bicycle wheel which raises and drops a large hammer which in turn vibrates a steel sheet. The title of this piece refers to La Monte Young's composition X (any integer) for Henry Flynt from 1961 which consists of an instruction for a performer to repeat a loud, heavy sound every one to two seconds as uniformly and as regularly as possible for a long period of time.

41 for Henry Flynt.

metal scraping instruments

A cut section from the insides of a piano played by dragging a copper pipe across the strings. A metal bin played by dragging a steel rod across the bracket at the top and a curved steel sheet played by running a nylon tipped drumstick along its length.

The three instruments pictured being played at a festival of futurist noise music. Performed by John Bisset, Lester Moses and John Grieve

steel sheet instrument

A steel sheet vibrated by a motor and manipulated by other motors and a hand saw - recorded at the BBC with sound artists Clive Graham, Clive Hall and Michael Prime. Released on Paradigm discs

Duet for two dustbins, half a bicycle, computer generated sounds and white noise.

Twelve saws, three bicycle wheels, a dustbin and two motors.

Metal with voice and saxophone sounds.

For cello and metal sheets featuring Bruno Guastella - cello and Aya Kasai, Lee Riley, Rob Shackleton, Veronica Cordova and John Grieve - metal.

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