John Grieve

A selection of sounds by John Grieve

Nine saxophone improvisations recorded in 2023

HOM9 The Humanoid Robot That Can Read Braille - a 25 minute sound poem. HOM refers to Hastings of Malawi and HOM9 denotes the ninth album released under this name. Other recordings can be heard here.

sound art exhibition

The meaning machine.

Automatically generated transcript by Youtube of recordings of solo saxophone playing that incorporate vocal sounds. The recordings do not contain any spoken words or applause. The recordings can be heard here.

Clipping from the Hackney Gazette newspaper

When building a new supermarket in Hackney, London, Tesco Stores and Hackney Council commissioned a public sound art work as part of the development. The supermarket was built on a site where formerly there had been a street (Chalgrove Road). The work was an oral history of the missing road made from interviews with people who had lived on or near it between 1910 and 1970.

map of Chalgrove road Hackney

This map shows where the street used to exist

This is an edited selection of some of the oral history. The Installation involved six audio speakers arranged around the site with random selections of oral memories played on each one evoking voices from the past that floated around the space. More work with spoken word can be heard here

A short sound poem.